VAC 17-531-122 Composite Video 2 x 1 Automatic Switch

by VAC

All composite video switches operate from DC to 200 MHz. Local/Remote control allows for simple two-bit switch closure or TTL control. With remote control option audio-follow-video is as simple as connecting the video and audio switches with a min-DIN jumper cable. Operate from 12VAC or Flex12-32VDC/10-28VAC with FlexPwr (terminal block connections for power).

FlewPwr - The FlexPwr Brick is designed to function properly with an input power of 10-28V AC(ungrounded) or 12-32V DC (grounded or ungrounded). A 2-pin header (Phoenix Contact #1881448) style connector is used for the power input. The 12V AC 600mA wall transformer provided with the product provides a floating power source that has been designed to eliminate any ground loops through the power supply connection.


  • Automatically switches on loss of primary signal
  • Microprocessor control
  • BNC connectors

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