Skaarhoj PTZ Fly Programmable Compact PTZ Camera Control Panel

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The PTZ Fly is a programmable compact PTZ camera control panel. Pan tilt and rotate the handle to control your cameras. The superb OLED displays clearly show what camera settings you control and which preset you recall. With UniSketch everything is possible. Customize it with a hall effect joystick left handed operation modularity or an SDI output for Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera control on a pan-tilt head.


  • High-quality backlit encoders with widescreen OLED displays
  • 3-axis joystick
  • Programmable four-way buttons with bright OLED displays
  • Multi-function keys for presets and camera selection
  • Slim ergonomic console form factor
  • Ethernet with PoE (IEEE802.3af)
  • UniSketch OS

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