RDL RU-VSX4 Video Switcher - 4x1 - BNC


The RU-VSX4 is the ideal choice in most applications where four video signals need to be switched to a single output. The RU-VSX4 has two rear panel-jacks for each of the four video bridging input stages. One jack is for the input signal; the other is a loop-through output of the source signal. If 75 Ohm termination of the input signal is required the terminator (provided) is plugged onto the LOOP OUT jack. The output video signal is 75 Ohm back-terminated to provide unity gain into a 75 Ohm terminated input.

The front-panel features 4 high-reliability keyboard style push buttons with LED indicators corresponding to each video input. The LED indicator shows which video source is active. If the button for an active source is pushed all video sources are turned off until the next source selection.

A front panel LOCAL/REMOTE toggle switch activates either the front-panel buttons or a rear-panel connected remote control.


  • LOOP OUT Jack from Each Input
  • Vertical-Interval Switching
  • Local or Remote Control
  • 10 MHz Bandwidth NTSC or PAL
  • Open-Collector Outputs
  • All Solid-State Switching

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