Lowel Cookaloris for DP Lights


D2-50 - Diffused Glass. Softens Light Reduces Intensity & Contrast.D2-51 - Dichroic Filter. Converts 3200 Degree K to Average Daylight with Light Loss of One Stop. Absorbs U.V. 4 Oz.D2-52 - Clear Glass. Absorbs U.V. with 5% Light Loss. 4 Oz.D2-53 - Snoot. Creates a Reduced Soft-Edge Circle of Light. Two Joined By a Frame (D2-21) Increases Effect. 6 Oz.D2-54 - Full Scrim. Stainless Steel Screen Reduces Light One Stop without Diffusion or Softening of Contrast. 3 Oz.D2-55 - Half Scrim. Same as D2-54 Full Scrim but Covers Half the Light. Rotates 360 Degrees to Reduce Light on Any Part of the Subject That is Too Bright.D2-56 - Graduated Scrim. Clear Single & Double Screen Areas Gradually Reduce Light Intensity. Compensates for Light Fall-Off on Walls & Subjects. 4 Oz.D2-57 - Cookaloris. Cut Metal Disk Creates a Soft Shadow Pattern to Break Up Flat Bland Backgrounds. 4 Oz.

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