4x2 S-Video/Composite Video & Stereo Audio Selector Switch


Connect S-Video RCA Composite Video and stereo audio components to a TV or home theater system.

Why be limited with the number of inputs your TV or receiver has? With this switch you can plug in more sources than your TV or receiver can handle alone. Add flexibility to your existing audio/video system or quickly connect multiple gaming systems. This solution is for the A/V hobbyist who wants to take full control of an ever-expanding system while adding flexibility and trouble-free cable management.

Virtually eliminate cable hassles with no more connecting and reconnecting cables. Plus this selector accommodates DVD players satellite receivers game consoles VCRs camcorders CD players and other audio/video equipment. The front-mounted push buttons enable easy selection of source devices. No external power required.

Input: Four RCA Audio/Video Female Four S-Video Female

Dual Outpust: Two RCA Audio/Video Female Two S-Video Female. Outputs are simultaneous and not selectable.


  • Composite Video (RCA) S-Video and Left & Right Audio (RCA) Switch
  • Select between 4 Inputs
  • 1 Set of Front Panel Inputs
  • 2 Simultaneous Outputs
  • Bidirectional S-Video to Composite Video Conversion

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