4X1 HDTV Analog Component Video Switcher

by Inday

Feature Packed Remote Control HDTV Component Switcher at a Low Price!

Too many Component Video Sources and not enough inputs? Here's your answer! Switches 480i 480p 720p and 1080i. "Very Clean!" Very Wideband (> 230Mhz). Will NOT degrade your Video Signal.


  • HDTV Analog (YPbPr or RGB) 4-Input to 1-Output Switcher.
  • Accepts any analog component video type progressive or interlaced at any scan rate.
  • Combine HDTV Receiver HDTV Cable and Progressive Scan DVD Players into ONE Monitor Input.
  • Remote Controllable! IR Remote Control Included.
  • RS-232 Serial option for direct computer control. Interface Cable Included.
  • Small Size 2x6x4". Actually made in the USA!
  • Very Wideband. Greater then 230MHz. Gold plated RCA connectors.
  • Easy integration with Discrete IR Codes and Serial Control (RS-232).

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