NTi Audio

  • NTI Audio STI-PA Speech Intelligibility Option for XL2

    Public address systems in buildings like airports, railway stations, shopping centers or concert halls have to clearly inform persons in danger about escape information and directions in case of an emergency,. The NTi Audio STI-PA analyzers measure the...

  • NTI DR2 Digirator Digital Audio Signal Generator

    The Digirator DR2 is a reference grade digital audio signal generator with transformer balanced AES3, S/PDIF, TOS-Link and ADAT outputs. Beside a comprehensive set of audio test signals, the DR2 also supports surround sound test sequences for...

  • NTI XL2 Analyzer and M2211 Microphone

    The XL2 Analyzer forms the unique combination of a state-of-the-art Sound Level Meter, a comprehensive Acoustic Analyzer as well as a powerful Audio Analyzer. A range of measurement microphones with an electronic data sheet are available to suit your...