Coleman Audio

  • Coleman Audio 7.1SW Eight Channel Switcher

    With the 7.1SW balanced audio switcher you can select any one of four 8 channel balanced audio inputs and route them to an 8 channel balanced output. The inputs and output are on DB25 connectors wired to the Tascam format. Any one of the inputs can be...

  • Coleman Audio MS8A Eight Input Stereo Monitor Switcher

    The MS8A follows with all the features of the MS6A, and improves the series by increasing the number of switchable sources to eight, and adding an additional passive fixed level stereo output. This path is perfect for metering or a tape feed. A mono...

  • Coleman Audio QS8 MKII Control Room Monitor Switch

    The QS8MKII is a control room monitor, a communications module, a cue mixer and a summing box all in a one unit. As a control room monitor the QS8MKII has a passive signal path, a 47 position stepped attenuator and alternate speaker outputs. Both the...

  • Coleman Audio RED48 Summing Console

    The Coleman Audio RED48 summing console fills the void left by the mixing console you still wish you had. It brings back the analog console sound that's been missing in the mixes and adds essential control room functions so your studio is easier to...

  • Coleman Audio SPK5P1 5x1 Speaker Switcher

    The SPK5+1 provides switching for five stereo outputs and one stereo sub output from a single stereo input. The sub woofer output is always on unless the sub mute switch is pushed. This allows multiple stereo speakers to be selected with or without the...

  • Coleman Audio SR5.1 MKIII Surround Level Control

    The SR5.1MKIII has been upgraded with a 47 position stepped attenuator made exclusively for Coleman Audio. Fold down for stereo and mono capitablity. Front panel channel trims and mute switches allow proper calibration and easy evaluation of signal...

  • Coleman Audio SR7.1 MKII Surround Level Control

    The SR7.1MKII gives precise level control with a 47 stepped attenuator for eight balanced audio signals. Fold down capabilites for stereo and mono and two 5.1 formats. Indiviual input mutes isolate surround speakers, L & R speaker mutes isolate the...

  • Coleman Audio TB4M DAW Talkback Monitor

    Similar in design to the M3, the TB4M provides facilities to act as the control room monitor source selector & adds a host of features making it a studio communications control module as well. The control room signal path is completely passive, with...

  • Coleman Line Level Selector

    Features: Bi-directional Passive switching Balanced 1/4" inputs and outputs Can be used as a monitor selector, signal router or alternate speaker selector

  • Coleman Stereo Monitor Switcher 6 Balanced Inputs

    The Perfect Addition To Your Audio & Video Tape Duplication Systems!The MS6 adds 6 stereo inputs to any audio system. This allows an A/B of sound sources. All inputs and outputs are balanced XLR connectors, so installation is quick and easy. An...